What’s left for MS Dhoni?

He started-off by winning the inaugural Twenty-20 World Cup in 2007, followed it up by making the men in blue the ICC No.1 Test team for a year, the ICC World Cup in 2011, the Champions Trophy in 2013 and of course the IPL edition and Champions League trophies…what more a side can expect from a captain. MSD has emerged as captain cool who has a cricketing brain which only he understands leaving the cricket pundits clueless many a times. The decision he takes on field especially during crucial overs has more than often resulted in India winning the match or may be the tournament. He has a team equipped with game-finishers in their own respective ways; the self-belief he has brought into the team is amazing which no captain could get, may be Ganguly set the tone for it with Chappell over-ruling it by omitting him at the right time.

I’ve lost count of how many times MSD has won us matches when needed, his self-less approach and uncanny knack to hit any ball out of the ground anytime shows what kind of stuff he is made of. He seems to be unperturbed and fearless about the situation, position and captaincy knowing fully well that a few would miss the target but most would hit the bulls-eye. He continues to get in consistency and win the finals, ultimately.

With most of the major tournaments in his pocket, may be winning the world cup 2015 will be his swan-song down under as far as captaincy is concerned. He could pass on the baton to Virat Kohli then as he would be just 34 and there on just play as a team member till he retires. But Indian cricket is so funny that a series defeat by MSD can change the tables so fast as 2015 looks still far away.   

But all said and done, I wonder what keeps him going after winning all major tournaments…may be his love for the game and finishing-off things in his own style.

What’s left for MS Dhoni?

What’s left for MS Dhoni