Celebrating 20 years of DARR

Bandey Hain Hum Uske Humpe Kiska Zor…Ummeedon Ke Sooraj Nikle Chaaron Ore…As Yashraj’s DHOOM-3 hit the marquee this Friday and the bumper opening it received is a foregone conclusion. Although, one might find the germ of the idea being stolen from the Ramesh Sippy & Amitabh Bachchan starrer AKAYLA (1991) which no one remembers but all credit should go to the whole team of D-3 to make it watchable at least once.

Yashraj Films has more than one reason to smile and celebrate, the first being D-3 taking a huge opening and secondly come 24th December it’s all nostalgia as they celebrate 20 years of DARR’s release.

Released on the 24th December 1993, DARR took off from where Shahrukh’s BAAZIGAR had left. DARR was directed & produced by Yash Chopra who’s PARAMPARA sunk at the box-office earlier that year but DARR made up for it. DARR was initially offered to Aamir Khan who refused Shahrukh’s role because of grey shades and Raveena Tandon had refused Juhi Chawla’s role, respectively. SRK was at his experimental best as he stole the limelight from Sunny Deol and shot to super stardom.

DARR which was believed to have been inspired by the Hollywood hit CAPE FEAR went on to do exceptional business that year which saw landscapes of Switzerland in the film. It was the loyal team of Yash Chopra that came to the party in delivering this hit. Written by Honey Irani & Javed Suddiqui, Music by Shiv-Hari, Lyrics by Anand Bakshi and DOP by Manmohan Singh. The songs were blockbusters as one can hear them to date at many functions- Tu Mere Saamne, Ang Se Ang Lagana, Jaadu Teri Nazar, Darwaza Band Karlo, Likha Hai Ye, Meri Maa Ne Laga Diye.

The line recited by SRK- "I love You, k-k-k-kiran"…became a rage those days among youngsters who wanted to intensify their passion toward their beloved. That year saw the film receive two Filmfare Awards- Best Comedian - Anupam Kher and Best Cinematographer Award - Manmohan Singh. SRK bagged the Best Actor Award for BAAZIGAR that year.

DARR was the last time that the pair of Yash Chopra and Shiv-Hari came together. The film also was meant to pass on the baton to the next generation of Yashraj Films. But the magic of DARR even after 20 years refuses to die. It’s a must watch for all young movie-buffs.